Founded in 1925 by its founder Rosario Calabrese the "Calabrese Marbles & Granites" now boasts three generations of experience in the processing of marble.
Behind the production is a continuous search that combines the typical tradition of craftsmanship of the marble modernity in the use of materials, adapting it to the modern designer's creativity.
Ours is a flexible company that can follow from the relief measures to the laying of the material, following step by step the choices dictated by each individual situation.
One of our strengths is to help the client resolve their needs with solutions studied case by case, thanks to a meticulous design that allow you to see realized in digital form their own idea, and if it meets all the requirements achieve it.
In addition, our machines allow the customer to choose between a variety of profiles for the construction of greek columns, window sills, canopies, corbels, fireplaces and more.


Strong coordination between the vendors and the company is what makes the difference in the services offered by the Calabrese Marmi , characterizing them for quality, speed and maximum customization. An effective and structured service system, so that every piece of gear works best in synergy with others.


Floors, tubs, marble sinks, granite, stone or agglomerates. Choice of materials, great attention to details both in the construction of bath furnishings large for small rooms.
The most precious marbles at the service of aesthetics and relaxation for a bathroom that meets the needs and disparate desires.

Interior Furnishings

With our experienced designers designs and implements the wishes of our customers. Our professional team accompanies and guides the choice of clients seeking and finding the right solutions for each request: custom-made fireplaces, interior stairs, surfaces for tables of all sizes, floors and walls.

Urban Furnishings

In collaboration with architects of the biggest Italian cities Calabrese Marbles & Granites realizes fountains, benches, pavements, stairways, columns, and any other furniture that perfectly spouses the architectural context, vintage or modern, of the places where it is requested our operated.

External Cladding

Portals, balconies, pillars, squaring, windows and balustrades. Coat existing elements with fine materials or replicate elements with the value of restoration and continuity with the previous architecture. Precision and optimal results by designing from scratch and making coatings that are based on best with pre-established landscape.